11 Hot Air/Nitrogen Systems, Pre-heater Based Rework Systems

FOCUS Series Hot Air Systems

Convection rework systems offer the best performance and safety for the reworked boards.

Our X-Rework "A+" build using the components of well proven in the industry X-FineRework System offers excellent price/performance ratio and can rework efectively many complicated multilayer boards.

X-Rework "A+" Basic rework system for all board sizes The system has Top and Bottom Convection Heaters and Component pick-up by vacuum built-in the Hot Air Tool. Top and Bottom Heaters are controlled by digital PID independent controllers. The system has Universal Board Holder for Regular and irregular shape boards and a Tool Holder (Left and Right Handed) for smooth up/down motion of the Top Heating Tool with Nozzles.

Hot Air/Nitrogen Systems

FOCUS Series - SMT Convection Rework Systems have been designed to perform safe and efficient rework of SMD and BGA components.
The FOCUS family includes: FOCUS "X", FOCUS "+", FOCUS "N2", and FOCUS.

 Pre-heater Based Rework Systems

SMT-ServiCE - Digital PID Control SMT Rework/Repair Unit with integrated Pre-heater

SMT Rework/Repair Unit designed to allow a novice to Rework or Repair complicated SMT, multi-layer PCBs quickly, without a danger of a damage to the board or components.


X-1000 Series - The Most Powerful and Cost Efficient large, middle and small size Area Pre-heaters on the Market Today. The must, for safe Rework/Repair of the multi-layer and large boards to do it safely and to do it right. The investment which nobody will regret. Unique, not found anywhere else critical features.

Newest addition: Large Area Preheater for Motherboards and larger multilayer boards. P/N X-1003-230V

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This is a tool which is designed to make SMT rework easier,
less time consuming and properly done to guarantee appropriate process control.
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